Thank you for your interest in our organization


The Tri-State Brain Aneurysm Support Group was founded to provide brain aneurysm survivors and caregivers with information to assist in navigating the changes and challenges unique to the diagnosis of a ruptured or unruptured aneurysm.


We provide support, information and and a comfortable place to explore the landscape of learning to not only survive, but thrive, in the face of this sometimes overwhelming diagnosis.


In recent years, as research has demonstrated familial links behind brain aneurysm formation as well as the presence of factors (such as smoking and untreated hypertension) that increase th risk of aneurysm rupture, we have expanded our mission to include community awareness. In part because of the importance of screening in families with a strong history of brain aneurysm, we have also begun an outreach to the families of those who have lost loved ones.  



The photos below illustrate some of our recent activities -- including monthly meetings, our 2017 Brain Aneurysm Symposium, an Advocacy Day in Washington, D.C. with two national brain aneurysm organizations and volunteers from around the country, a Holiday Social, a painting session at the Contemporary Arts Center, media appearances, and our Third Annual Brain Aneurysm Walk for Awareness.